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The Devon Community Pool is an outdoor, seasonally operated pool. The 25 meter pool hosts a variety of programs throughout each season, including public swim, lessons, private rentals and more. For the little ones, enjoy the wading and play area. 

Pool Address: 34 Haven Avenue, Devon

Update - Changes to Swimming Lessons for 2023

The Devon Community Pool is introducing changes for the 2023 Pool Season! We have transitioned from Red Cross to Lifesaving Society lessons and there is a new structure for private lessons. 

Learn more about these changes here

Important Dates

  • Resident program registration opens April 17 at 9 a.m. (Devon + Parkland residents)
  • General program registration opens April 19 at 9 a.m.
  • UPDATED: Pool Opens on Wednesday, May 24
  • Pool Closes for the season on Sunday, Sept. 3

Schedules, Fees & Registration

Program Schedules

See the 2023 Pool Program Schedule here!

Membership & Daily Admission Fees


Lessons, Private Rentals & Aquatic Leadership programs need to be booked in advance. 

How to Register: 

  • Visit
  • Create an online profile or login to existing account
  • Select the program tab and select your desired pool program
    • Tip: You can also type in the search bar or refine your search by picking a category
  • Click register on your selected program
  • Proceed to checkout, complete appropriate forms and payment


If you have any questions contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can! If calling, please leave a voicemail as we may already be on the phone.

Programs Offered & Details

Aquatic Leadership Courses

To register for courses, visit

Bronze Medallion 

The Bronze Medallion is a step towards gaining the lifeguarding certification. It teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education: judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness. 

Prerequisite: Bronze Star or 13 years or older.

Bronze Cross 

Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor certification.

Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion

Lifesaving Society - National Lifeguard/Aquatic Emergency Care

National Lifeguard certification builds on the fundamental skills, knowledge and values of the Lifesaving Society to develop the practical skills and knowledge required by lifeguards. The program develops the basic lifeguarding skills, principles, and decision-making process to help lifeguards evaluate and adapt to different aquatic facilities and emergencies. This course is paired with Aquatic Emergency Care which is a more advanced Standard First Aid course designed for Lifeguards to introduce spinal care and shallow water rescue and is a prerequisite to the National Lifeguard Certification. 

Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, need not be current, and minimum 16 years of age.

Lifesaving Society - National Lifeguard/Aquatic Emergency Care - Recertification

National Lifeguard/Aquatic Emergency Care (AEC) recertification course offers renewal of National lifeguard/AEC certification. Participants must bring their certifications to this course to present to the recertifying instructor. Certification Currency: 2 years from the date of recertification. 

Lifesaving Society - National Lifeguard Instructor - Recertification

National Lifeguard Instructor recertification course offers renewal of National lifeguard Instructor certifications. Participants must bring their certifications to this course to present to the recertifying instructor.  Certification Currency: 2 years from the date of recertification.


Aqua Fit

Aqua-Fit classes are invigorating and fun! Using a variety of movements to get your heart rate up and your muscles working hard against the resistance of the water, you will leave this class feeling happy and rejuvenated.

Aqua Fit classes are drop-in and are held every Monday and Wednesday starting in July from 8 - 9 p.m.

Fee Information: 

  • Members: Aqua Fit is included in the price of a membership. 
  • Non-Members: Must pay the drop-in fee, or purchase a punch pass/membership.

*All Aquafit classes are Drop in however limited to 30 people per class. First come first serve.

Dolphin Swim Club

The Devon Dolphins Swim Club is a competitive swim team based out of the community of Devon. Swimmers train to swim faster by improving their swimming strokes, turns, and dives. Swimmers develop confidence in their abilities, develop healthy life-long habits, and make new friends while having fun under the summer sun and in the fresh air!

Find out more info and register here.

More Info

Lane Swim, Drop-In

Lane swim is first come first serve on a drop-in basis. No pre-registration required. Check the program schedule at for lane swim times.

Fee Information: 

  • Members: Lane swim is included in the price of a membership. 
  • Non-Members: Must pay drop-in fee or buy a 10-punch pass.

Lessons, Private & Group

Group lessons & private lessons are being offered this season. Lessons do not require parents to attend. Pool members receive a discount on lessons.

Important Private Lesson Changes for 2023:

  • Each private lesson is 30 minutes and each date must be booked individually by registering at
  • To complete a level, typically (5) private lesson dates would be needed with demonstration of appropriate skills. 
  • For an additional cost, up to (5) participants of similar swimming skills may be registered in one private lesson.
    • If you are wanting to add another child to the lesson, select an "add-on" fee during checkout.
  • Privates may be used to complete a level the child previously attempted, which may require less classes booked.
    • To go over your child's specific needs, please contact the pool at 780-987-4616 or

Resources for Parents:

Register at

Private Rental

Private rentals are a 1 hour facility booking. 

Booking Information: 

  • Food and beverage must be limited to the back deck. No glass containers allowed.
  • If you plan to use the BBQ, please bring your own propane. The BBQ is only available during your rental time. All persons attending the booking must leave the facility at the end of the booking time.  

To book a Private Rental, visit

Public Swim, Drop-In

Public swim is offered on a drop-in basis. No pre-registration required. Check the program schedule at for public swim times.

Fee Information: 

  • Members: Public swim is included in the price of a membership. 
  • Non-Members: Must pay drop-in fee or purchase 10 punch pass.

Junior Lifeguard Club

To register for the Junior Lifeguard Club, visit

The Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) offers serious fun for kids 8 years and up who can swim at least 25m and tread water for 2 minutes. The Jr. Lifeguard Club provides an action-packed challenge for kids who love the water but who want more than "lessons."

The Club stresses fun and aquatic skill development based on personal-best achievement. Building on skills they already have, Junior Lifeguard Club members work to develop and improve swimming and other aquatic skills with emphasis on: Swimming skills, Lifesaving skills, Lifesaving knowledge, Leadership & teamwork, Community education, Competition, Personal fitness.

As part of the Junior Lifeguard Club's service to the community, Club members will create and execute their own Water Smart® community education projects.

The Junior Lifeguard Club is water-based - most of the activities happen in the water. These activities may be supplemented with dry-land fun or community education projects, displays and demonstrations.

Swim for Life - Lifesaving Society (Transition from Red Cross)

This season we are excited to introduce the Swim for Life Program created by the Lifesaving Society. 

The Canadian Red Cross has decided to step away from its swimming, water safety and lifeguard programs as of 2022. The Town of Devon will be transitioning to the Lifesaving Society Canada’s swimming, lifeguarding and aquatic leadership programs for the 2023 swimming season. As a result, you may notice some changes, but our staff are well prepared to help ease this transition.

This guide will help answer your questions and lead you through the process of moving from Canadian Red Cross learn to swim programs to those of the Lifesaving Society. From learning about the different programs to figuring out what level to register in, this guide has you covered!

See the full Swim for Life Guide here.


How do I know what level my child will be in?

Follow the “transition chart” or reach out to the pool staff at

What are the differences between the Red Cross Lessons and Lifesaving Society Lessons?

Names of the levels, the number of levels, and with some of the classes, the length may be different. Skills, strokes, and safety pieces will be similar or the same as the Red Cross Swim Lessons.

Are private lessons and semi-private lessons still going to be available?

Yes, 30 minute private/semiprivate lessons will be available on Fridays but in a more limited capacity.  Originally private lessons were programmed to suit the needs of participants with differing abilities that were unable to participate in group lessons (eg. Auditory issues, Autism, Behavioural issues, Mobility restrictions, etc...) and at that time the participant had to show just cause and once approved a lesson was programmed specific to their needs. 

However, during COVID-19 pandemic we were limited to only giving private lessons because of restrictions and therefore the private lessons became available to all community members interested in lessons.  This year we would like to still meet the community’s needs and we understand that there are families that prefer private/semiprivate lessons.

To meet that need this 2023 season we will be hosting 30 minute private/semiprivate lessons to be booked on RecDesk. The lessons will be booked per 30-minute session. For an additional cost, up to five participants of similar swimming skills may be registered in one semiprivate lesson. Check RecDesk for availability.

What are the costs for Lifesaving Society lessons?

  • Parent and Tot & Preschool: $56.00 (with membership)/$60 (without membership) (30 minute classes) *8 classes per set 
  • Swimmer classes: $62.00 (with membership)/$70 (without membership) (45 minute classes) *8 classes per set
  • Adult Swimmer: $62.00 (with membership)/$70 (without membership)  *8 classes per set
  • Private Lesson: $32.00 (with membership) and $35.00 (without membership) *30 minute class
  • Semi-Private Lesson:  $32.00 (with membership) and $35.00 (without membership) $20.00 per additional participant
  • Leadership Course costs vary by course and can be found at

Will there still be report cards for Lifesaving Society lessons?

Yes, there are Lifesaving Society report cards and ribbons for each level.

What are the age ranges for the Lifesaving Society levels?

  • Parent and Tot 1 (4-12 months)
  • Parent and Tot 2 (12 – 24 months)
  • Parent and Tot 3 (2 – 3 years) 
  • Preschool Levels 1 – 5 (3-5 years) 
  • Swimmer Levels 1 – 6 (5-12 years) 

7.  What is next if the participant has finished Swimmer 6?

There is still more fun and challenge ahead with Canadian Swim Patrol levels and Fitness Swimmer! 

Canadian Swim Patrol will keep your child challenged and having fun in the pool at all 3 levels: Rookie Patrol, Ranger Patrol and Star Patrol. These classes are for those who want to continue to develop their swimming strength and build on their fitness level. As a Swim Patroller, they will also be introduced to first aid and lifesaving training.

These courses develop the skills that lead directly into Lifesaving Society programs that certify youths for future employment as Lifeguards and Instructors.

Silhouettes Artistic Swimming Club

The Silhouettes Artistic Swimming Club (formally known as Synchronized Swimming) will be hosting camps in Devon for the 2023 season!


  • July 4 - July 27 (Tuesday & Thursday)
    • 6 - 7 p.m.
  • August 1 - August 24 (Tuesday & Thursday) 
    • 6 - 7 p.m.

The cost is $152 for 8 classes + AAS fee

  • Swimmers must register with Alberta Artistic Swimming $10 for each 4 weeks (Registration is done directly with AAS)
  • You will need a nose clip, a cap and bathing suit
  • Depending on registration numbers there is the option of extending the program to 6 or 8 weeks after Jul 27


Leduc Synchro Silhouettes

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