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Reports, Studies & Plans

Plans and reports that have been approved by Town of Devon Council are found here and on our Online Services > Documents page.

For more information or to request a paper copy, you can email: or Phone: 780-987-8310.

Plans and Reports


Urban Forest Management Plan    

"Urban forestry is the sustained planning, planting, protection, maintenance, and care of trees, forests, green space and related resources in and around cities and communities for economic, environmental, social, and public health benefits for people."

- Canadian Urban Forest Network

Trees are one of the most visible and significant assets in the Town of Devon. Council asked that an all-encompassing plan be created for the management of trees as they represent a substantial investment for the community.

The Urban Forest Management plan brings together Devon’s existing documents such as the design standards, level of service and policies all into one document and addresses:

  • Frequency and type of maintenance for trees
  • Tree replacement due to age and health
  • New tree installation in existing built up areas like boulevards and parks
  • Tree installation in newly constructed areas like new subdivisions
  • Specifies types of trees best suited for boulevards (in between sidewalks and curbs); or open park space; based on proven performance and hardiness for this region; root system aggressiveness; regular to low maintenance upkeep; resistance to disease
  • Establishes a nursery where trees can be started as small seedlings at very low cost then grown large enough to become replacements for existing trees that may be at the end of their life or for planting in other areas

Follow this link to read the full document: 2015 Urban Forest Management Plan


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