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Devon Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Plan    

Alberta’s climate has changed over the last century and future projections indicate a warmer and generally wetter future climate, with an increase in the frequency, intensity, or both, of some extreme weather events. These changes are altering our natural environment with observable changes related to the timing and availability of water, shifts in natural ecosystems, landscapes, and species’ ranges.

Changes in the climate are also negatively impacting the ability of municipalities to meet levels of service targets due to accelerated deterioration of infrastructure and reduced performance and reliability. In addition, climate change is a driver of health risks related to extreme heat, wildfires, and the expansion of vector-borne diseases; risks anticipated to increase as warming continues. These impacts affect every aspect of our lives—our livelihoods and economy, social connectedness, and general wellbeing.

The main purpose of this Climate Adaptation Plan (the “Plan”) is to provide the foundation to guide climate adaptation efforts and enhance resilience across the Town of Devon (the ”Town”). A variety of high priority climate change risks facing the Town are evaluated in detail, and a robust adaptation strategy to manage priority risks and reduce impacts on residents, businesses, and municipal staff is provided.

See the full plan here

See the brochure version of the plan here

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Devon Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report    

The inventory helps a municipality track which sectors use the most energy and emit the most GHG emissions, while indicating where to focus and prioritize reduction efforts. An inventory also helps municipalities track where money is being spent on energy, potentially revealing cost savings opportunities. Additionally, the inventory provides a starting point from which progress can be measured, helping track the effectiveness of a GHG emission and energy efficiency plan. The quantification of GHG emissions, along with the demonstrated commitment and planning towards GHG reductions can also allow a municipality access to provincial and federal funding opportunities.

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Devon Waste Audit Report    

S-Cubed Environmental was retained by the Town of Devon (Town) to determine the composition of the Town’s solid waste streams from the residential sector. The waste audit was conducted May 29 and 30, 2018. The previous waste audit was conducted in June 2012.

At that time the Town provided curbside garbage and recycling collection year-round (carts and bags, respectively) and yard waste collection for six months using bags. Since then, the Town of Devon has grown to around 2500 household of which 2,159 receive curbside collection yearround for all solid waste streams; recycling (blue bag), organics (green cart) and garbage (black cart). Waste collection services are provided weekly, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and all solid waste streams are collected on the same day. The Town has operated a Recycling Depot for many years, which is utilized by residents from Town and from the surrounding County for a wide range of materials.

Read the 2018 Devon Waste Audit Report here.

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Town of Devon Green Strategy    

Green StrategyThis document provides a strategic approach and direction for the Town of Devon to reach environmentally sustainable goals in an economically feasible manner. Green Devon lays out short-term and long-term goals, along with objectives, and recommended actions for six priority areas. Due to changes in technology, programs, and other elements, this document is subject to change and shall be amended as needed and reviewed by Council annually.

See the Town of Devon Green Strategy here!


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